A Home for Mr Tipps


A Home for Mr Tipps was my second book, and (fact fans) is the book that consistently gets taken out of the library more often than any of my other books. Poor old Mr Tipps got rather neglected upon release and like the title character was left sad and alone on bargain bookshop shelves. So the thought that thousands of children each year are borrowing this book through the library, makes me really happy. Mr Tipps has found (temporary) homes up and down the country!

This was the last book that I completed in the digital photo montage style that I'd worked up for Tobias and the Super Spooky Ghost Book, and again, I'm really happy with the look of the artwork. The colours ping and it looks really vibrant, although I probably wouldn't have made the dog character quite so mean looking if I'd made it today! 

I've included a couple of rough images, see if you can spot the pages in the book that were based on them.

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